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In reading through the various automation forums I have noticed a growing trend towards wireless devices. Pluto Home wants you to carry your cell phone around the house so it can track you, while Sonos wants you to carry a wireless LCD remote to control your whole house music system. Some automation systems want you to use a pocket PC as an interface while others suggest a wireless touch screen air panel. And of course there are the stand alone devices like iPods and cordless phones to deal with... it seems like a perfect environment for a new consumer product.

I suggest the time is right for the Upstate Household Automation Vest. The U-HAVe will let you have all the wireless devices that you have come to depend on right at you fingertips as you move about your home. Based on the proven technology used in high quality fishing vest design, the U-HAVe will be designed with custom pockets to let you carry all of your wireless devices ALL AT THE SAME TIME! You'll Have your cordless phone, cell phone, iPod, Programmable infrared remote, wireless touch screen, Sonos Music Controller, and Pocket PC with you no matter what room you find yourself in. It will even have pockets for a regular laptop, an X-10 palmpad controller, a portable shortwave radio, and a flashlight!

There is an amazing opportunity for interested investors to get in on the ground floor of this revolutionary product but hurry, this is a limited time offer!
And, for an upgrade, coming soon...

The Upstate Multimedia Security Tranceiver edition (the U-MST-HAV), featuring built-in multimedia buttons and speakers for your IPod, an IR to RF tranceiver to route IR signals around line-of-sight obstacles, and (drumroll please...) bullet-proof Kevlar security-- to protect your remotes from stray gunfire that may result from your focus on electronics instead of your formerly loving spouse!
does it have charging ports for all the mentioned devices? And what technology ae the batteries, I dont wat a LION as they seem to be bursting into flames recently.... But I want to beable to charge all devices at the same time so it should have a real large Amp Hour rating .. maybe just strap a 12 volt auomotive battery to the back of it...and dont forger the optional charger for charging that cell too and a long extention cord
Mike said:
Focus UpstateMike! What happened to the lighting control system you were working on?
Stuck in investor limbo for now so I gotta keep working on my backlog of great ideas!