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I just got this email from RFXCOM and thought it might interest a few people here.

RFXCOM NEWS – autumn 2007.

RFXCOM has announced the RFXPulse and the RFXCOM Ethernet interfaces.

The RFXPulse can be used to measure electricity, gas, water usage or the pulse output of a device with a count output.

The RFXPulse is a module that can be inserted in the RFXMeter.

This RFXPulse module allows you to measure:

· Pulses from a blinking LED’s (e.g. electricity meter),

· Reflection from a mirror or white field that is present on a digit in a gas meter (Dutch gas meter has a mirror),

· Pulses from a relay contact.

The LED pulse can be measured by using the photo sensor of the reflective-optical sensor. The LED in the reflective-optical sensor must be disabled by cutting the white/transparent wire in the jack plug.

The reflection of the mirror on the 6-digit in the Dutch gas meter can be measured using the reflective-optical sensor. It seems there are also UK gas meters with a white field in a digit that can be used by the reflective-optical sensor.

The pulse from a relay contact can be measured using the open-end cable. The relay contact must be a dry contact, in other words it must be a free contact without voltage present. Use this cable for water meters with a pulse contact.

The RFXMeter can have 3 RFXPwr and/or RFXPulse modules inserted in any combination.

RFXCOM Ethernet interfaces.
Put your Home Automation receivers and transmitter now on the optimum location for receiving all sensors in your property. No longer problems with RF noise radiated by the PC which makes the receiver now more sensitive.

If the Ethernet interface is connected to the Internet it enables you to add remote locations to your Home Automation system. Connect your holiday home to receive the security sensors, temperature and humidity and switch X10 or control Harrison curtains or even control and check the home of your grandmother.

All existing Home Automation software that runs on a Windows platform and has interfacing software for the W800RF receiver or the RFXCOM receiver can use the RFXCOM Ethernet interface without any modification in the HA software thanks to the CPR (COM Port Redirector) software. This CPR software emulates a standard COM port in Windows.

On other platforms like Mac and Linux, the communication protocol is via TCP/IP with the receivers and transmitter. Of course, TCP/IP communication is also possible on the Windows platforms.

All RFXCOM receivers have a W800RF compatible receiving mode and the RFXCOM receiver translates all received non-X10 RF packets (like Visonic, SecureLinc, KlikOn-KlikOff, Domia Lite) to an equivalent X10 packet. This makes it possible to process those non-X10 sensors and remotes by all X10 oriented Home Automation software without any modification in this Home Automation software.

There are 4 different types of RFXCOM Ethernet interfaces.

1. LAN with 1 COM port and connections for 1 or 2 receivers OR 1 transmitter,

2. WLAN with 2 COM ports and connections for 1 or 2 receivers AND 1 transmitter,

3. LAN with 2 COM ports and connections for 1 or 2 receivers AND 1 transmitter,

4. WLAN+LAN with 2 COM ports and connections for 1 or 2 receivers AND 1 transmitter.
I don't see the RFXPulse listed on that site.

I don't generally stock the RFXPulse but can get it special order. I do have one in stock now that was a special order but the customer backed out. If you are interested let me know and I will create a listing.