New RCS Z-wave thermostats now available


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It looks like the Z-wave thermostats are finally available. HST sells them for $249.95.

The TZ16 thermostat provides the latest technology in a full-featured universal thermostat with serial communications. The TZ16 has many new features including:
  • Separate Heating and Cooling set points
  • Multistage HVAC systems support
  • Wall Display Unit setting of
    • Network Address
    • F/C temperature display mode
    • Sensor calibration (internal and remotes)
  • Automatic Remote Sensor detection
  • Supports the latest Z-Wave thermostat protocol
The TZ16 thermostat consists of three parts, a Wall Display Unit (WDU), the HVAC Control Unit and the ZWBT Z-Wave Thermostat adapter. The Wall Display Unit provides users functions like a traditional thermostat and connects to the Control Unit by a 4 wire cable. The Control Unit connects at the HVAC system using the standard thermostat connections and provides the thermostatic temperature control of the system. The ZWBT provides connection to the Z-Wave Network.

The TZ16 maintains separate heating and cooling set points. The display shows the set point of the current operating mode (in Auto mode, the system keeps track of the current operating mode of the last call, either heating or cooling).

In addition to the universal Standard or Heat Pump HVAC systems support, the TZ16 has multistage heating/cooling system outputs. The control unit can support 2 stages of heating and cooling for Standard systems. It supports 3 stages of heating and 2 stages of cooling for Heat Pump systems.

The TZ16 has a convenient setup mode from the Wall Display Unit. You can set the network address, F or C display mode and easily calibrate the internal and all attached remote sensors.

The TZ16 has automatic detection and setup of remote temperature sensors. Remote sensors have address settings that, when detected by the TZ16, will be used for specific functions, such as, in lieu of the internal sensor, averaging with other sensors or an outdoor temperature sensor.

The TZ16 can be used with system controllers that support the Z-Wave thermostat protocol.
I like the look of the 40 better than the 16. I would like to have one 40 and one 16. I would use the 16 to control the 40 from my bedroom if that were possible. "All i can say is its about god darn time"
My theory... RCS had trouble selling the 16's, since the 40 is so much better, so they're moving their 16 inventory out by adding a zwave module in place of where the serial cable would plug in...

I thought they were going to make a retrofit kit to convert their existing stats (serial or X10 16, or 40) to zwave, you just plug the zwave adapter into where the serial cable or PSC05 would go, but I could be mistaken.
Yeah I would hold off until there are a few options. Im not jumping on this one it seems like junk to me.