New service that routes Cell phone calls over ip


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You may be thinking why you might want to do this?

Most cell phone companies offer free calls within their network.

Step 1:
From your mobile phone, place a call to a special designated telephone number for your specific wireless carrier.

Step 2:
You will then hear a dial-tone on your mobile phone.

Step 3:
Dial 1- area code- number of the party you want to call (any number in US or Canada)

Note: International calls are not allowed
Note: The party you are calling does not need to have this service

Step 4:
Your cellular call will be routed over the Internet using VOIP or over the public landline telephone network.

Step 5:
Your call gets connected, and your conversation begins.

No I don't do this yet but seriously considering it. They even have a 7 day trial.

I have used VOIP routing from my cell for a year or so, it works quite well.

(My calls were to a SIP client and not a landline)
Do it still use your plan minutes? If so what does it buy you? Wait are there still plans that do not include nation wide no roaming no long distance? Is this what it buys you?
It buys you unlimited Day minutes. Att used to do this at 99.99 a month. I use Cingular which gives you unlimited calls to another cingular number anytime. So i can call any landline with this service with unlimited minutes.

I agree with Rupp. I don't think it buys you much at all. For me it buys nothing because I have unlimited minutes/long distance on my cell phone but for other that don't, you'll still get charge airtime for dialing an 800 number......