"New" Small FF PC

How would you install XP on this box? External USB CD drive?

EDIT: Never mind found the instructions on their website here.
Hmmm interesting.

I wonder if this is the solution to running either Homeseer new HSTouch product so I can use the ELK TS-07 touch screens!

I realise that Bill Gates is still going to be a resident but being a embedded device it is less likely to be a problem.

One to keep our eyes on maybe.


Don't know enough about the chipset, but 256M Ram is weak, IMO. Linux, yep, but even XP likes 512 or more in order to run acceptably. THAT said, $285 for something that will run touchscreens, has comms (Ethernet) and serial, and is easily tucked into small, unobtrusive places certainly has a niche.

if you like small, but more more horsepower, check out the mini-itx and even nano-itx stuff. Just google and you'll get a ton of hits. Lots of good tricks there too--Solidstate HD for fast boots, etc.
I think I would rather go with a pico/nano/mini-itx based system. Check out logicsupply.com for some cool systems.