New Spiral Bulbs


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Has anyone had issues with those new spiral compact Fluorescent Bulbs, blinking consistantly in an x10 controlled outlet? Moving it to the lower non-controlled outlet works fine. Been told it'll be OK as long as I don't try to dim it, but it never stops blinking.
X10 wall outlet with one switched and one hot all the time or a module?
I am not 100% sure that the wall outlet has what is called local control, I know the appliance and lamp modules do. You could test for local control by putting a regular table lamp in the switched outlet with the outlet off anf the table lamp off. Switch the table lamps switch on. If the module turns on you have local control and it is known to flicker CFL's. Another test could be put a multiple outlet cube in the switched outlet and plug both the CFL and a small incadescent light in the same waitched outlet. If the flicker is gone again sounds like local sensing current. X10 I believe says leave a night light lamp and the CFL in the same outlet with a cube tap. Also some brands of CFLs are more prone to flicker then others.
There are hacks for the Appliance Modules but I have not seen them for the wall outlets.
As some have said a dimming wall switches or modules and a CFL is not a good mix and could cause problems
The sensing current combined with a compact fluorescent bulb can result in a "relaxation oscillator". The sensing current gradually charges up the power supply in the bulb. As the voltage increases, the high-frequency oscillator will start. That pulls much more current than the sensing current can supply. The voltage quickly drops too low for the oscillator to continue running, and the cycle repeats.

Here is a suggestion on how to defeat the local control feature:

Thanks for the replies.
Yeah, it's a split x10 outlet. Regular lamp in switched side works fine, manually and x10 controlled.
I'll try the suggestions and keep ya'll posted.