New to OP2 and HLC.


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Hello cocooners.
Im installing an OP2 system with all HAI lighting controls.
Where Im confused and running into problems is with creating scenes in PCA and using my 12 scene controllers to run them. I have all my units named and they will all respond to automation blocks, but it seems I cant get rid of the default HLC 80/60/40/20 unless I take the scene controller out of its room.
The goal is to primarily use scene controllers through the house so each room only has 1 wall switch and be able to control multiple loads per button.
Im not sure if I need to use UPstart to do this, I was under the impression that using HAI devices that would not be necessary. Hopefully I can be set straight here. Thanks

To note, It has been nearly 2 years since I first learned any of this and Im sure Ive forgotten almost all of it, not to mention my 2 day course was very basic.


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Hello and welcome.  If you are using all HAI/Leviton switches, and scene and room controllers, you don't need to use UPStart.  So yes you can control all the lights from a room with a room controller, but I assume you still have switches controlling the lights. Correct? You can also program everything using UPStart, but I don't recommend that.
So setting up HLC because certain switches and certain room controllers have to be setup in certain "slots."  The panel can then program them, then the room controller learns the scenes from how you set the switches.  So, do you have good instructions for all this?
Have you been reading this?
HLC works well, but it is a bit tricky to setup the first time.  Also, I really recommend a repeater instead of a coupler, Model 39A00-2 unless you live in a condo which has 3-phase, then you would use a 39A00-3.
Also, read this from start to finish. Its very helpful.


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Ano you have helped me a lot in the past.  Your 2nd http here does not work.  Can you please spell it out for us?
BTW i am at an fork in the automation road having worked with my Omni Pro II with 1250 lines of programming developed over the last 10 years.  However after another lighting storm I have another OP board [the 2nd in 2 months] failure to send in to Leviton for repair.
I am like Konquers in that I feel like I am starting over.  I also envision what the buyer of this house will be able to handle with all the attention my automation system requires. 
Is there a way to isolate the OP2 from high voltage surges which come into the house??


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chasers03 said:
Ano could you please give a new http ref. to that last one?  It won't work for me.
Here is the second one as a non-link.
Its a real good overview.
On the surges, definitely get a whole-house surge protector, if you don't have one.  The Leviton one is good, or you can have your electric utility install one for a price, or sometimes a monthly fee.  Its usually installed behind your electric meter. 
With the OPII, don't forget to protect EVERYTHING that connects to it, like the phoneline. These surge protectors are cheap. Also make sure its well grounded, and never run zone wires outside. Use wireless if its outside.