New Touch Screen Mounted


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I just finished cleaning up after mounting the touch screen in my foyer. I couldn't flush-mount it in this location due to conduit in the wall, so, I used a thin (1/2") VESA bracket to attach it to the surface. I'm happy for now.

Next, I need to change up the paint/paper in that area! When I pulled the big mirror down to make room for the screen, there was a nasty halo left behind. :eek:

Since the mirror is gone, and my daughter complained :), I had an idea to add a small web cam on top of the screen and create a "mirror" using it and Webcam2000! ;)

That looks great! I can't wait to get my own touchscreen someday, they are pretty useful. I like the webcam idea as well, that's pretty original!
The only problem with using a camera in place of a mirror is the perspective - the image will show you as the camera (or someone else) sees you, not as you see yourself in a mirror. You would have to reverse the image to make it look like a mirror image. But that might be a good thing - seeing yourself as someone else would! I imagine it would be hard on the women-folk doing their makeup that way. hehehe
Actually, I recall seeing web cam software that can mirror the image. Now, where did I see that?
You will find there are cameras intended for CarPC usage (rear view "mirror") that are wired so the image is reversed.
Yep, most rear view cameras for the car are like this by design, but pretty much any decent webcam software package allows you to flip the image, I have done it plenty of times (VisionGS, Active Webcam, etc.).
That looks awesome!!! I'm jealous! I think it'll be a while before I add a touchscreen. I almost did it when I finished the basement, but I couldn't pull the trigger.

Great job!
Thanks. I'm really liking it there, too.

I started off with an old, freebie CRT touch screen on a bookshelf in the foyer just to see if I could justify the expense. I didn't think it was worth $600 or $800, but, that $400 deal made it easier!

Yep. For now, the 'puter is around the corner. I plan on building a small bench along that wall and will put the system in one end of it.

The screen is the Dell 15" that was on sale through Tiger Direct and Dell.

I just finished adding the mirror function!
any decent webcam software package allows you to flip the image
VisionGS can indeed flip, but, it does not seem to be able to also rotate the image (I want the mirror page to be 240 x 320). I also can't get the web server to work! :/

Any ideas on other programs? I'll be checking out Active WebCam next.