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I've got a Spitfire 3 promo unit sitting on my desk, I will post some updates on the forum on Monday.

I will post pricing on Monday and of course I will post a nice discounted sale price for the cocoontech users to pre-order.
I was going to ask the same. I'm not sure how excited I should be (or worried if he means a WWII fighter plane.)
Innotech, the company that makes the spitfire units is a leader in the IR control world, with code and learning based universal remote controls. They added the spitfire line of PC controlled IR distribution to allow home automation enthusiasts to distribute IR from basic serial port communications.

It has IR emitters built into it's front panel, and also has emitter output jacks on the rear. Its designed for DIY home automation folks like the crowd here, i'm shocked so few people knew about it.

There's of course also control software with the package (VB).

There's a lot more to read here:

That's the last model, which this one replaces. I am unfortunately swamped today, I will try to get more info in here as soon as possible.