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New ultraminiature ZigBee-ready module


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Spectre has launched an ultraminiature ZigBee-ready module, less than a quarter of the size of a credit card, specifically designed to offer almost any electronic system in a commercial, industrial or home environment a simple and low cost wireless control capability.

With an area of just 37 x 18.4mm, the Telegesis ETRX1 ZigBee ready module is an ultra-low-power module, that is easy to interface to the host application, and easy to set up via a wireless connection.

Based on Ember silicon, the ETRX1 comes complete with a IEEE802.15.4 compliant ready protocol stack, and is offered with a choice of an integrated antenna, or a Hirose antenna connector.

Features include the proprietary Ember 'boot-loader' capable of boot-loading over the air, or via an RS232 port.

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