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Acentient Software has just released Adaptive Home Logic v1.02, which is now available for free download. This intermediate level update extensively enhances the program’s flexibility & usability + more! Please visit for the latest details.
Robin Grunwald said:
Please let me know your thoughts about Adaptive Home Logic v1.02, Good, Bad, Useful, Indifferent?

Thanks in advance,

Don't get discouraged if it takes people a little time to check out your newest version. I have had AHL on my ToDo list for a while now but this (and all of my automation activities) keeps getting pushed back as other things come up. I just started a new project for hp that is going to take most of my attention for the next few months but I will work in some time to look at your latest version eventually.
I glanced (very quickly) at your web page. Do you have a listing of the hardware you support? I'm especially interested in items such as the NetCallerID, Ocelot, Caddx NX8e, and Elk M1 Gold systems.

Also, do you have a web interface and example screen shots of some of the event setups and such?

Thanks, ;)

Dear Upstatemike,

Many thanks for your response & continuing interest in Adaptive Home Logic. I look forward to your review in due course.

Dear BraveSirRobbin,

There is a webpage listing some of the peripherals that the program has been tested with, together with some other items that should work with the program.

Although practically impossible to test every peripheral, the program has been designed to interface with any standard (generic), non-proprietary, device or peripheral, not just with one or two, and therefore should have no problems interfacing and working with both Elk & Ocelot simultaneously! It should also be possible to interface with some of the more (non-generic) proprietary devices, using bridging interfaces. We will investigate the other peripherals mentioned and report our finding in due course.

Please note that Adaptive Home Logic has been designed as a flexible, easy-to-use, general multi-purpose Home Automation application that can work with up to 8 generic (or standard) RS-232 device concurrently, including many unique devices within an RS-485 multi-drop daisy chain network via an RS-232 to RS-485 converter, and or parallel (printer port type &/or ISA/PCI type) input / output boards & peripherals, without requiring expensive plug-ins or controllers and therefore should be able to work with many different home automation accessories without committing you to an investment path in proprietary technology, it can also be linked in with other systems & software to provide additional / useful functionality.

The com port functionality is of particular interest, because in addition to responding & / or controlling a serial device, it can also extract the most recent, latest, user specific data from a com port sentence without a time lag, no matter how fast the data stream, to which an event can then respond or react, without overwhelming the operator with configuration options.

At this time the program does not have its own web interface, this is currently in development, but it can be fully & securely controlled via the internet using remote desktop software built into Windows XP, as well as with other remote desktop software, it can however send an alert by email. There is a photo gallery on the website that displays all the different aspect of the program.

Many thanks for your interest,

Acentient Software
Thanks for the explanation Robin. From one "Robin" to another, it seems this program is set up for the niche user who wants/has time to experiment with interfacing particular serial instruments to your software. I haven't looked into it in great detail, but the majority of people want software that lets them tinker with code for particular events and such, but don't want the complex time consuming tasks of interfacing their serial devices with it.

Of course your price is right and it seems like your software has a LOT of versatility. If I get some time in the future I would like to try it out.


Dear BraveSirRobin,

Thank you for your comments.

We understand that no one, or at least not many, want to experiment in setting up an interface. The advantage of such an approach is that the program can interface and work with ANY generic serial device, as opposed to supporting just a limited number of devices. It’s also fairly quick & easy to implement a new device, as the program has a built in terminal emulator, as well as straightforward configuration options.

Most events can be very easily and quickly established using a point & click interface, without the requirement for any programming or script writing.

Windows Scrip Host is supported for those wishing to implement any specialist functionality, complex if-then-else scenarios, etc. where the system can expose and pass live data to a VB or Java script when it started, and then respond to the logic decisions decided within your own scripts. It’s also possible to design your own interactive screen overlay scenes, displaying live data & or WMI (Windows Management Information) updated in real time, so there’s plenty to tinker with if desired, but not essential!

Acentient Software