New version of ElkRP and firmware now available


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Elk Products has released updates for several of their products.

ELK M1 firmware: 4.3.10
ELK-M1XSP: 1.0.16 and 50.0.18 (Insteon)
Elk XEP firmware: 1.2.0 (and Bootware version 1.1.2)

Get it from the M1 dealer site if you have an account.
After updating my M1 to the newest firmware I was no longer able to connect to the M1 from CQC over ethernet. After troubleshooting I found that the default non secure port was not listening. I first tried redownloading my setting to the M1XEP but that did not help. I ended up unchecking the "Enable Non-Secure Port" in ElkRP, Sending my changes, Rebooting, Re enabling it, resending and rebooting. After this CQC was able to se the M1 with no other Issues that I have found yet.

PS If you where running the Elk M1 INSTEON Beta you will need to relearn all your INSTEON Devices.
Thanks for the field input on CQC and the XEP. We will check it out.

Yes, if you upgrade the M1XSP with Insteon software, the upgrade will clear all learned Insteon devices as described in the manual.