New version of mControl (1.30) has been posted


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EmbeddedAutomation has posted a new version of their mControl software.

mControl v1.30 features the following enhancements:
  • Confirmed support of Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 Rollup 2
  • Added support for IR functionality, including:
  • Support for the Global Caché Network IR Adapters
  • Support for raw Component Control Files (CCF)
  • Enhanced support of the INSTEON protocol, including:
  • Added automatic linking and unlinking of INSTEON devices
  • Added X10 to INSTEON command translator
  • Improved incoming X10 event handling
  • Confirmed support for 2486D (INSTEON KeypadLinc)
  • Enhanced Macro support, including:
  • Support for sunrise and sunset macro triggers
  • Send IR Commands as macro actions
  • Customizable action delays
  • Plus, many other improvements to customization, performance, documentation and installation.
You can obtain the update from here:
Added X10 to INSTEON command translator

This would be handy but I don't need any of the other features. Could I install mControl on a spare machine and have it just sit in a corner doing X-10 to Insteon translation?