New Virus Warning


Hey Cocooners:

There is a new virus running around out there. It comes in the form of a Zip file and looks like it was sent from someone in your mail server's address listing (i.e. someone from work).

When you Unzip the file it is in a xxx.dos.pif extension.

Update your virus definition files today!!

Also another thing. If you get this file from a mail attachment make sure you turn off the "System Restore" on XP systems, otherwise it seems it will put the file right back on the computer after a while.

I bet Electron can update us with more wisdom (he's a bit smarter than me, hehe).

(You know, I've always wanted to use that "green" smiley).

Thanks for reminding us BSR, even if this message only reminds 1 person to update their signature files, then you made a big difference :D I also would like to mention that the mydoom virus was the fastest spreading virus ever, and the only flaw it exploited was the end user, so please , don't open any unexpected attachments (even if they are from people you know!).