New Xbox to be released this year!


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The Seattle Post-Intelligence newspaper posted an article about Bill Gates's speech yesterday at the national convention of business editors and writers. The article is pretty in-depth, and even reveals that Bill Gates confirms by accident that the new Xbox will be released this year, eventho details are officially not be available until the 'Xbox special' airs on MTV later this month.

On how the next Xbox, code-named Xenon, will be similar in some respects to the company's Media Center PC software: "If you're used that menu, when you use this Xenon, you'll see a menu a lot like that, that lets you get photos, TV, music and all those different things."

The article contains many other interesting details about the company and other products, a very good read!

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we've got some pics HERE of the new xbox, seemingly about to be named 'XBOX 360'. New controller looks a lot like the old one, apparently it will be skinnable, microsoft released a few pictures of a skinned power button which i'm too lazy to link to, but are probably there on kotaku somewhere.