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NEW YORK, Oct. 12 -- Now there is a new fun and exciting way to control lighting and appliances from your own PC, thanks to HomeSettings from Intermatic. Each new special edition HomeSettings Starter Kit is packed with all the software and devices you need to get started. The included Microsoft Visual Studio Express Editions and ControlThink® Z-Wave® PC SDK provide a fun and interesting way for enthusiasts to personalize their home lighting experience using powerful, easy-to-learn tools. Intermatic HomeSettings ThinkEssentials software allows users to set up a simple floorplan and control numerous lighting and appliance devices using their personal computers.

"We are very excited to join our expertise in home control products with Microsoft's excellence in software development," said Art Noparstak, a home controls expert with Intermatic, Inc. "Home Controls is a growing industry and we are elevating it to a new level by allowing users to create custom lighting and appliance settings that are unique to each homeowner."

"Microsoft has been a long time supporter of home automations strategies, and is excited about the inclusion of Visual Studio Express Editions with Intermatic's HomeSettings Starter Kit. Now, with our easy-to-use development environment and ControlThink's Z-Wave Software Developer Kit, home automation gets simpler and home users can create custom experiences with a simple line of code," said Steve Guggenheimer, general manager of Application Platform and Development Marketing for Microsoft Corp. The HomeSettings Wireless Home Control Starter Kit (HA102M) includes:
  • One Plug-In Lamp Module
  • One Plug-In Appliance Module
  • One Handy Remote Controller
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Express Editions
  • HomeSettings ThinkEssentials Home Control Software
  • ControlThink Z-Wave PC SDK
  • HomeSettings Z-Wave USB Stick
  • USB extension cord
  • Rebate for Intermatic HomeSettings products
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The HomeSettings system is easy to install. The uses for home controls are endless and include safety, home security, energy conservation, lighting controls, and convenience. Now users can customize and create a home controls experience that is personalized to fit their lifestyle.

"These products are a major step forward in the home controls industry and we are proud to be at the forefront," said Noparstak. "We've combined the reliability and demonstrated ease of use consumers expect from Microsoft and Intermatic to bring them revolutionary new home control products at a reasonable price point."

In addition, HomeSettings is introducing its new Screw-in Lamp Module (HA05C). The new module is designed to control a variety of indoor and outdoor lighting including coach lights, lamp posts, flood lights and much more.

Intermatic is one of the leading manufacturers integrating Z-Wave technology into home control products. Z-Wave technology is a low-cost, two-way communications technology that enables consumers to monitor and manage different systems around their home. Each product is embedded with a powerful chip that allows signals to bounce from one module to another in order to provide the most efficient working path. As with any mesh network, the more devices you add, the stronger the network becomes. Intermatic HomeSettings products are compatible with all other products using Z-Wave technology.

The HomeSettings Wireless Home Control Starter Kit suggested retail price is $149.95 and it will be available through home centers, consumer electronics and on-line e-tailers in the near future. HomeSettings remote controls, in- wall dimmer switches, and lamp and appliance modules are currently available nationwide at Lowe's, Fry's Electronics and online at, and For more information, log on to

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