New ZWave driver/ViziaRF VRC0P module posted on; please be sure to update!


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New additions:
A new home object class called ZWaveLock is used for minibrowser and the automation browser. This new version better works with the lock's ability to manage user codes, so the ZWaveLock home class' code is more simplified than before. To use it create a new home object of type "ZWaveLock" and bind it to the lock device object. The "Lock" home class (that had to be downloaded separately) will no longer be supported. The GUI IDs are different between the classes though, so the old Lock home class can work side by side the new ZWaveLock home class. What this means is that a user only needs to import a single module to have full lock support for the AB and MB.

I fixed a text formatting bug in how device level events were reported.

I improved the structure of local manipulations and also gave it its own ZWaveLocalManipulations home class. This will make things easier for users to install later for new users. ZWaveLocalManipulations lets you do more with a switch. For example, after adding a ZWaveLocalManipulations home object to a room, bind it with a switch or dimmer. Set some time periodicity (default is 6 seconds). You then define a property change script to monitor LocalManipulationsInTimePeriod in order to perform actions based on the number of local presses. After 6 seconds, LocalManipulationsInTimePeriod will reset to zero, but this can be changed by modifying TimePeriod.

I ran into an issue with these two lines from sys://Schema/Modules/Leviton/
Classes/Group/OnChangePowerState and sys://Schema/Modules/Leviton/Classes/Group/OnChangeBrightness:
if <> "Brightness" and <> "Trigger" then
if <> "PowerState" and <> "Trigger" then

To fix this, I modified the group power and brightness logic to use boolean flags instead of srcProperty as the srcproperty seems to lose its meaning after SYS executes more than a few levels deep!?! See:

I modified the onChangeOnNewData script to more properly account for the receive line length = 0 case (I believe we should set this.RxNextLine = true following receipt of a transmission of zero length).

I fixed a bug in how controller buttons were handled. If you are using in wall zwave controllers and want the buttons to trigger events in Premise, you must download this new version.

I made many changes to the controller class to allow for setting associations for the up/down buttons on Vizia RF zone controllers. Now, Premise can use these buttons to do trigger scripts under keypad buttons that are created under Home in Premise Builder. The up/down buttons are disabled by default, to enable set UpDown to true for the controller object. The up/down buttons represent a hidden association; even though the zone controller reports only 4 possible associations, the up/down buttons can be used as GroupID 5!?! This is what this module exploits to allow these buttons to be used to trigger home scripts. This means with a ViziaRF zone controller, one can now trigger 10 different events!