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Hi, first posting though have 'lurked' for a few months and learned alot from just reading. I have an issue though and before I do any wheel spinning, I figured this is the time to introduce myself and ask.
Recently installed a new M1 Gold and what few features I have tried worked great (again from what I learned from ya'all).
Signed up with NextAlarm and they received the error log so accepted me. Problem is the M1 doesn't release the phone line or, takes so long I'm getting inpatient! Unplugging it from the Elk's jack releases it but even waiting a few minutes before plugging it back in, doing so immediately seizes it again.
It's wired out of an OpenHouse tel module, supposed an RJ31x.
Thought maybe since I have DSL maybe I need to put a filter inline as done on the phones in the house.
Anyway, any help would be appreciated. Guess should say additional help!
Welcome to CocoonTech! Yes, you should have a filter on there. You can use an inline like this or a whole house like this. I prefer the whole house unit which I purchased from the person listed. The panel may or may not work properly without the filter - mine did intermittently. Be sure to check the wiring of the RJ31x - if its not wired right you may get symptoms like you're describing too. If in doubt, just try the RJ that came with the M1 to doublecheck instead of just the OpenHouse.
If the line seized LED's are staying on you either have:

1. The phone line is connected wrong and the M1 is trying to power the house phones because you have no phone power to the house phones.

2. The signal is not getting through to the central station and it is trying multiple times before it gives up. Check the telephone number programming. Go to the diagnostics mode and turn on the "Turn Butt Set Monitor Mode ON" under User Programming menu 8,4,3. This will enable you to listen to the transmission to the central station. You should hear the telephone number dial, hear a 2300 hz tone for 1 second, hear touchtone tones if Contact ID is programmed, and then hear another 1 second 2300 hz tone which causes the phone to hang up. Press '*' key three times to end the Butt Set Monitor mode or it will automatically at 12 midnight.

3. Goto User Menu 8,6,4 and see what the Last On Hook Telephone Voltage was. It should be around 60 volts. If less than 30 volts there is a hook up problem.

Keep us informed.