Newbie - am I close to right?


Please look at the attached drawing. Am I even close to right?



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The only thing I don't get is your Girder applications.

For instance are you wanting Main Lobby to control your HAI directly, or through the MLHSPlugin?

You might want to have Homeseer look at and control your HAI and then just interact with those Homeseer variables with Main Lobby via the MLHSPlugin.

For instance I have an Ocelot and Caddx security system and I use Homeseer plugins to look at and control variables for each of them. I then just use the MLHSPlugin and view/control those variables via Main Lobby, which essentially just passes the devices from Homeseer to the Main Lobby server.

Just my opinion, but since I don't have an HAI system, maybe others can chime in!


I appologize, I should have stated that this is not a PLAN. I'm trying to diagram what is possible. I'm looking at the plugins from each software to see what they support and then connect them.

I am planning to use MainLobby, HomeSeer and HAI Omni in a new home.

The other detail is you show MLHomeseer plugin. This plugin is one way only and may not even work now. You really should be using the Optional MLHSPlugin that Krumpy wrote for 2 way interaction between ML and HS.