Newbie needs help :)


I have purchased the wire (22/4) and want to pre-wire my kids bedrooms (new addition) as zones. Can anyone provide a picture or link to how the window contacts will mount? I have new windows that I don't want to void the warranty on by drilling (if that is required).

I will be asking for a lot of help as this is my first alarm install (M1 Gold). What window sensors should I go with?

On a side not, I see some people using other alarm panels (GE Caddx) with an Elk M1... why?


I had not.... I have however been referring to the Wiring your new house guide from this site...

Thanks a ton.. some good night reading here!

Alot depends on the type of window, etc. There are several types of contacts to fit most needs. Here is a pic of a standard mini magnetic contact by GRI in a retrofit I did. The wire is in the channel next to the window and is just exposed a slight amount my the contact. It is attached to the frame via double sided tape (comes with contact). I'm going to be looking at Nascom at EHX. They are coming out with a small rounded 'cap switch'.
On a side not, I see some people using other alarm panels (GE Caddx) with an Elk M1... why?

You do not need any other security control with an ELK M1. The M1 is a full function professional security and automation controller.
emillika said:
On a side not, I see some people using other alarm panels (GE Caddx) with an Elk M1... why?
We are using Caddx for wireless zones with the M1. That is until the M1XRF clears beta then some of us will be switching to the new ELK wireless.
I see how you can be getting confused. The ELK M1 interfaces to the GE/Caddx 8 to 48 zone wireless receiver which is not a controller.
What is the best way to run the wiring to doors/windows during the framing stage without the drywaller ruining the wire? I have read the Rockstars Guide here and it helped a little but didn't show the post drywall phase.

I am thinking you will drill into the side of the window studs but then I don't know if it would be easier to tuck the wire into the hole then come back (of course measuring where the wire is hidden) and drill into the drywall and fish it out OR leave it hanging out for the drywaller to deal with. I am afraid if I let the drywaller deal with it 3 things will happen:

1. He will damage it bypinching it at some point
2. Push it back into the hole and cover it up not knowing where it is
3. Punch it through roughly and ruin the drywall and need to repair it

Any thoughts? Pictures would help...a lot!!!
Emillika, window contacts only require 22/2 conductor cable. Sometimes the extra conductors can be a PITA on certain window types. 22/4 should be used where the devices requires seperate power and a zone pair. IE motion detectors & glassbreaks among others.
EST; they make plugs that will take a "loop" of the wire, then "plug" the 3/8" hole so it will not get damaged.

Then all you have to do is remove the plug, install the sensor, then tuck the wiring back in.

Having done this both ways though I can tell you it is a lot easier to install the window and door sensors before the drywall is up (you have control over both sides of the stud and it's a lot easier to push the wires back in and manage them).