newbie Q : Does the RCS ZCV work w/1 zone?


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I want to move to the ZCV2 with separate upstairs and downstairs zones but it will probably be a bit of time before I can wire in the 2nd TS40 upstairs. I didn't notice it in the docs, and I think its possible, but I just want to see if anyone here knows if you can run the ZCV2 with only 1 zone. That shouldn't be a problem, right?

thanks for the help
Yes, that should work.

In my case, I have a ZCV4, but will only be using two zones (for now). I will just leave the other zones unconnected.

I say this with about 95+% confidence, but since I do not yet have this installed (still under construction), someone else please chim in if I am wrong.
After thinking about this more last night I decided to just get a single TR40. Although zones would be nice I don't think I can easily get to about 1/2 of the ducting for upstairs and would probably end up just using it as single zone in the end.