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Does anyone know if the firmware has been updated to prevent these switchlinc decora wall switches (2384, 23885, etc) from spontaneously turning themselves on? I have read previous reports that there have been problems, and don't need my lights turned on all day running up electricity bills. I used to have the push-button X-10 branded switches (and they worked), but they broke easily and were ugly. I have since moved into a new house (with neutral wire), and need some dependable, durable switches that look nice also. I had planned to buy a bunch (13) of the 2384's, and two 23885's (for low-voltage, fluorescent) applications. I don't really want to drop a TON of money, but these fit my price range (25 bucks/per)......if anyone has another recommendation, I'm open. I plan to purchase an ocelot to allow for scene dimming in the future. Thanks for any help y'all can give!
These are the v1 switchlincs which use X10. I put a bunch of these in about a year and a half ago and never had one turn on accidentally. Of course I think those issues have to do with noise on the line, so your experience could be different (guessing).

If you plan on controlling the lights, Insteon might be a better option (I am replacing my v1's with Insteon currently). If cost is an issue, you could look at the icon switches (but look at the load ratings) as those are around $20.

The 2-way status, reliability and the linking of Insteon (I have been able to add switches where previously it would have meant ripping the wall open and running a traveller between the switches and the lamp).

You might want to give this some thought, as even at $25 a pop, it can add up when doing a whole house (depending on how big it is of course) and changing that decision later would be costly. If you know you don't need it, then of course there is little reason to go the Insteon route.
Mike, thanks for the quick response - I have tried to do my homework on the subject, but apparently am missing something........I thought that Switchlinc was a line of Insteon products? Basically, I'm looking to purchase switches that will work over the power line (x10) - I thought Insteon is controlled via it's own standard (not x10), like z-wave or something. My house is not that big - it's a 3 bed, 2 bath garden home (enough to get me through college). I will be controlling the lighting through my pronto - -> rf extender - -> IR543 x-10 module, unless there's another lighting solution that will work as easily/better within my price range. I'm open to suggestions. Also, which model Insteon are you buying?
Switchlinc is a product line, but you selected V1 switches, which use x10. The v2 switches are Insteon switchlincs (verson 2). It is these that I referred to.

I am buying the following:




There are also lower cost Icon switches that I have been using in the garage and basement:

You can assign x10 addresses to these switches so your pronto may work like you wanted. They are allegedly working on insteon RF technology to control them as well, so an insteon version should be on the horizon as well.

I use the icon switches in x10 mode and like them very much. No rliability issues so far. Most of my switches do not control anything over 300 watts so feel no need to pay double the price. There are some differences so read carefully.

The switches are good.