Hello all! Have lurked around here a few weeks on and off. Bought an ELK M1 about six months ago. Finally got enough info and confidence to go ahead and wire it all together. I will not rush in firing it all up until I am sure my carefull installation is correct. I have never installed an alarm system before. I have wired homes as part of my past carreer history, have some basic electronics experience assembling electronic kits and am fairly computer literate. I may post some very basic questions that may be found annoying by advanced users but I will endeavor to search for the topics I have questions about before posting. This site impresses me as friendly and the quality of information is solid.
I hope I can contribute in some way in the future. Thanks.
Welcome trg-s338,

I would suggest you wire the M1G up on your workbench and play with it for a couple weeks. You just need to connect and program one input zone.

If you program output #2 to voltage instead of siren you can connect a 12v light bulb across output #2 (normally your outside siren). This will let you play without bothering anyone.

Connect a speaker to output #1 so you can hear the voice prompts and/or your messages.

Connect one keypad, the battery and ac transformer and you're up and running.

If you bought any serial expanders, etc. leave them off until later.

There are plenty of people here that will help you if you ask.