newby question on Upstart & OmniPro II


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I'm sure i'm just missing something obvious or trying to do something I can't do. I have configured my HAI UPB dimmer switches using upstart and now I want to copy these dimmers into my OmniProII panel. I've read everything I can find and tried everything I can think of but no luck. any thoughts suggestions for a home automation clutz? edit: forgot to mention I'm using PCAccess as my HAI software.
You can not import the upstart information into PC Access. It has to be typed in from the information in Upstart. The HAI system will allow you to discover UPB switches, but will try to use them as per their HLC designations and this can get confusing if you are trying to use them as straight UPB devices and avoid the 8 presets per room assignments made by HAI. If you need further info or would like to discuss this further just give me a call at 214-245-4594 ext 203.
Thanks for the clarification Jim,
I had a feeling this was the case. I'll play around with it this weekend and if need be call you on Monday for more help.

One really stupid thing that HAI did, was allow you to name units/switches, but NOT allow you to name links, not even in PC Access. So if your like me, much of what you do is activate and deactivate links, from PC Access or a panel you need to activate Link 24 or Deactivate Link 230. Not only is it not very user-friendly on the panel, but it makes it almost impossible to understand your program in PC Access.