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New IP-based Alarm Signal Transmission Platform is Transperent to Central Stations

OJAI, Calif. (November 15, 2007) – Nationwide alarm monitoring provider® , The Broadband Alarm Company® , today announced VoIPAlarm 2, the latest revision of its Internet-based alarm signal transmission service. Using patented Alarm Broadband Network (ABN) technology and sold through NextAlarm's brand, VoIPAlarm 2 allows standard telephone-based Contact ID alarm systems to send signals via broadband Internet, even if no telephone line is present. The alarm signals are received at the VoIPAlarm central servers, then retransmitted to the central station of the dealer's choice.

VoIPAlarm 2 is a significant upgrade of the previously available VoIPAlarm platform. Foremost among the new features included are two-way voice compatibility with central station telephony systems, allowing PERS medical alarm services to continue offering service even in locations without telephone lines. VoIPAlarm 2 also offers dealer control of the caller ID of retransmitted signals and 100% compatibility with central station automation systems, rendering it completely transparent to the central station. All existing features of the alarm system are preserved when it is switched to VoIPAlarm 2, including access via an off-site telephone.

Upgrading an alarm system to use the VoIPAlarm 2 service requires only the addition of an ABN adapter, available from ADI and The Home Technology Store. The adapter can also be used to provide Voice Over IP telephone service to a home, via a phone port built into the device.

VoIPAlarm 2 recently completed final testing, and is available now to all current and future VoIPAlarm dealers and central stations. Alarm dealers using VoIPAlarm can access the new features via the web portal, and interested companies can sign up for service by visiting https://

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