Nice article about what HA can do for you


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HiddenWires posted a nice article about what Home Automation can do for you, it pretty much sums up what most of us people are trying to do without spending thousands of dollars on the interfaces. Very interesting read!

I did'nt know they made faucets with showheads for the bathtub. My fiance would love to have that. Anyone know where i might something similar? the faf fiance apreciation factor) would go thru the roof).
From the linked article:
Your doorbell rings, and the television immediately displays the image from the security camera mounted over the door. Seeing it is your neighbour, you remotely open the door.

You know, this is one thing that I've never figured out why people want. Not the camera or the display on the TV, but why is it automatic? Bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, two outs, the doorbell rings and all of a sudden you're looking at some guy who wants to resurface your driveway.

I'd much rather have a single button push on a remote or touchscreen switch it than have it be automatic.
I did this for a while with Picture in Picture, worked great and isn't as intruding as switching channels all the way, but you do have a valid point!