Nightmarish security scenario


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I bought another investment property cheap in an up-and-coming neighborhood to fix up and rent out. The house was in a fire several months ago, and since then its been broken into a few times, and drug dealers have started hanging out on the front porch. The house doesn't have power yet, and it may take a several weeks for me to start working on it.

In the meantime, I want to protect it from intruders. The first thing I want to do is hook up an alarm system and a cellular backup. (Probably a GE simon 3 with an uplink transmitter). Whats the best way to set up a solar powered solution?
Do you know your power requirements? The key with solar panel sizing is to never use more power than you can put back in on a typical sunny day with about 6 hours of decent usable light.

Check out these guys:

I have bought several panels, charge controllers, and batteries from them in the past and have been very happy with them.

They also have a nice tutorial section that can help you with sizing your panel.

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