Nokia 770 Mobile Internet Tablet


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Long time no visit - anyone check out one of these? They appear to run in the $350-$400 range.

Maybe a nice portable interface?
Yes, nice, but not as nice as the Samsung Q1.

Faster, larger, very nice. We eval'd the Nokia the day it came out but weren't nearly as impressed as with the Samsung. Oh, but over twice the price...can't forget that little detail.
SmartLabsMike said:
Sticker shock on the Q1. Nokia looks pretty nice for sub $400.
I hear ya. I say these over the Fourth of July weekend with a $350 price. Not too shabby, and if I is a decent browser client, you could do a lot with it when connected to Homeseer.
Yes, Homeseer would work well, but you would have to build new webpages for it or at least increase font sizes in the style sheet due to the small screen. I think I even did that, come to think of it :)
Thinking about it a bit, I just got my son a PSP. It has 802.11, a browser, long battery life, and a nice screen (no touch, though). All that for $199. Hmm...
The Nintendo DS Browser will be available at Nintendo's Japanese website starting 7/24. Two versions will be available, one for the standard DS and one for the DS Lite (only the size of the included memory expansion cartridge differs).
Does anybody know if you can load java on one of these? I'm using ECS Omnipotence and this would be a cool remote for lighting if java works. Can't beat the cheap price.

Just got one yesterday and will be looking to run my HA from it. It doesn't look like there's a java package for it. It looks like that is on the wishlist at