Not waiting for zwave here - going elk for the outbuilding too


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Might have seen my prior post, but I decided a while back for landscape/christmas lighting that rather than hold for vizia20amp switches, i was going to go 120V coil/load contactors and a vizia 15amp switch...

Well in prep for Christmas, i decided for the outbuilding i will not wait for the vizia "bridge" solution either. I just bought an M1XOVR. Will require a 24v wall wart for some of the solutions, but in the outbuilding i can an elk output+relay and then use 24VAC coil contactors:

(4) 120V load to switch
exterior lights next to the garghe door
- and
soffit mounted GFI for christmas lights
- and -
back yard landscape lighting transformer

(2) 240Vload to switch:
air compressor
- and -
dust collector (might wire this back to 120 so i'm not put in a fixed location for it)

(1) no load, just relay for garage door open / close

Not sure why i've been struggling with this for so long... I personally see no downside and i see no need for zwave control on the lighting. All three of the lighting loads would generally be timed to come on at dusk anyway - i see no need for manual control...

i know i probably sound 8 eight year old kid who figured out something so obviious to everyone else, but arg!

Heck - even on the main house - why do i really need zwave control of the contactor coils for the same purposes... I should three loads once i finish:

soffit GFIs(2 15A circuits)
ground level GFIs (3 20A circuits)
landscape lighting transformer

Instead of $60 bucks a pop on the vizia 15A switches, i've already got elkm1rbs with several free relays. I can do the same thing here and use 24vac contactors all the way around and time everything with elk rules (syncing with the rules that already turn on the fron porch lights)...

I just need an optimal solution to mount the contactors and deal with the wiring in both locations...