November 11th is Veteran's Day!


Today is Veteran's Day. Cocoontech honors all of our Veterans who are serving or who have served our country.

America is the land of the free only because it is the home of the brave!


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Thanks to all of you VETERAN'S. It's to you we owe our freedom. Thanks for what you do, how you do it, and may God bless you in special ways.
As a veteran I thank you.

However, it wasn't always so. When I left the U.S. Navy, in the early '70's, those of us returning to civilian life were taken aside and 'advised' not to wear our uniforms home.

At that time people, people my age were waiting at the major air terminals, & railroad stations, waiting for military personnel in uniform, who they would call names like "baby killers", and spit on them.

It was difficult for me to explain to my parents why I was coming home to them on a bus, in civilian clothes. They were proud that I had chosen to serve my country and I could see the disappoint in their eyes when I took a taxicab home from the bus terminal. They so wanted to greet me in my uniform, but I feared for their safety and asked for them to wait at home for my arrival.

I was lucky, for I came home, many of my friends never made it back, they didn't go off to be heros or to fight communisin, they went because they, like myself thought it was the right thing to do.

I love this country, but I can never forgive my countrymen for the way they made me feel, how I had to sneek into my home town like a thief because I believed in America and what it stood for.

Once again thank you for remembering us.

Paul L. Hubbard
I know that nothing can change the past.
And for what its worth, we are doing our best to make sure our kids grow up appreciating Veterans. I sit all my kids down on Veteran's Day and we discuss our freedom, our safety and why we have the rights that we do.
Thank you and the others who came before you and those after. For the IGNORANT among us I feel pity and sadness. They do not realize that this freedom doesn't come free, easy, nor without sacrifice. We can only hope that others do as Jeff and I have done and raise our children to not take for granted what WE (non military) did not earn but was given to us by the HERO'S like you.
Once again, thank you.

Thank you for these wonderful words.

Thank you for teaching future generations the cost of freedom.

Thank you for remembering those who gave their last full measure for a better future for our children.

"Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it."
George Santayana
Very well said, Rupp!

My son is only four, but I explained Veterans Day to him. Even he gets it - in a four year old sort of way. He got a little serious look on his face, said he wished he could "tell the soldiers thanks" - then he took off down the hallway yelling something about stinky feet.

Yes, thank you Paul.

Just so you all know, Jason (in our office), was a paratrooper during Desert Storm and served in Israel during that war.

We all need to continue to be grateful to all who have served.