Now Shipping from ELK! The ELK-M1XZW


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For Immediate Release from Elk Products, October 28, 2005:

Now Shipping from ELK! The ELK-M1XZW is a radio transceiver interface designed to allow M1 controls to interface with Z-Wave enabled devices. Control devices such as: plug-in dimmer modules, wall mount switches and dimmers, plug-in appliance modules, etc. Control with ELK keypad, telephone, or computer. Telephone or computer can be anywhere in the world!

Price is set a $135.71

It works great as I have one installed myself!
I saw that last night on automated outlet (I of course have no need for it though). I was tempted to post something to Martin asking how he can feed his family after slashing prices from $99,999 to a little over a hundred dollars...
That thermostat only reports the current set point and not the temperature. I am not sure if it works with elk.

Edit: Seems I was wrong... Continue reading this thread for Chris Walkers and Spankys reply.
With the RCS thermostat it does work. And ACT as I contacted Elk when beta testing it.

It only sends it but you can't get status No polling.
Just a quick note: the ACT HomePro thermostat does broadcast out updates to the current "mode" and "fan mode" (i.e. the user just put it in HEAT mode, or just turned the fan to ALWAYS ON).

Both the ACT and RCS thermostat can report the current temperature, but that requires polling.

The ACT Home Pro Thermostat is compatible with the M1 or EZ8 using the M1XZW Zwave interface module. It can be set from the M1 and reports back current temperature and any setting changes. Any of these changes can fire a Rule to do whatever you want from the M1.

I have been evaluating the latest model for several months and it works very good.