Nuance claims breakthrough on speech recognition


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Nuance has introduced Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9, which allows you to achieve 99% accuracy without any training. I am not sure if this software is compatible with most of the home automation applications supporting VR, but I bet it would make VR a more attractive option if this was supported.

Read the press release
The SDK says that is can be used in any language that supports ActiveX including C# and C++. I would really like to see CQC implement something like this in their product. Hopefully Dean will see this and make a comment. He has said many times that speach recognition is not used widely enough in HA for him to want to support it. But if this 99% accuracy is true then maybe it would become more popular.

Do you think they would give you a trial version for review electron?
I would be very interested to hear Dean's stance on this as well. VR is something I am really looking for in HA software, and an area where CQC has been silent.
I dunno. We've had people post here on CT that they don't really use it much. One HAL person, I'm forgetting who it was (HAL_MAN?), spent $1500 on microphones and all the infrastructure and then said that he doesn't much use it anymore. It just seems like one of those things that sounds really cool but isn't really all that it's cracked up to be in reality.

I'm perfectly happy to be proven wrong, but if people who put in a lot of time and money on it aren't using it much, I'd tend to weight their experience pretty heavily relative to people who have never actually tried it, at least when it comes to deciding where to put our too meager time resources.
Paul from has a really cool system..I forget the link to his homepage explaining it but perhaps he will see this post and can explain the pro's/cons of his sytem as it's one of the better setups I have seen.
It cetainly is more of a wow factor type thing. Many people find it useful but usually only when its tied together with some type of phone support which CQC also does not yet offer. Most people like to pick up there phone and press # or * to initiate voice commands and then have them carried out. Now days most people have phones on every level of their house and usually in every room.

Having VR is certainly on my list of wants but it is at the bottom of my list because of reliability and cost. I would not rush this into the next CQC release but I think it should be considered along with phone support for a release in the distant future. I would like to get some reliable feedback about this version of their software.
It appears they do not offer a trial version on the website ...$199 is alot to pay without them at least letting you demo it for a few days.