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Innovative accessory sets PCs and users free to sync tunes with their music server however and wherever in the home they like.

Long Beach, CA – EHX FALL – November 7-9, 2007 – Booth # 1701 – NuVo Technologies introduces a new accessory for use with its NV-M3 Music Server. The Wireless USB Syncing Device (NV-USBW) enables homeowners and installers to sync music from PCs throughout the home to NuVo's NV-M3 server without the need for a hard-wired connection.

The Wireless USB Syncing Device provides a USB device connection over Wireless-G that is specially "tuned" for the NV-M3. As a result, for the first time, an installer can avoid the task of pulling NV-M3 connection wire to known points at the start of a new home install job.

"We've essentially set music server synchronization free with the Wireless USB Syncing Device," says Brian Dotson, Senior Project Engineer, NuVo Technologies. "PCs syncing to the NV-M3 music server no longer need to be close to the NV-M3, or designated to a specific spot in the house. With the NV-USBW, the NV-M3 and a NuVo multi-room audio system, an entire family can manage and enjoy its music more easily than ever."

Designed for homes of the future, the NV-M3 is the first in-home music server of its kind with full Digital Rights Management compliance. It features three source outputs, a 160 GB hard drive, NuVoNet Communication and Windows® Media Player music management, all at a stunning price. The NV-M3 is compatible with standard compressed and non-compressed files in most formats, including WMA, MP3 and WAV.

The NV-M3 is the only media server product in its class that has been permitted to use Microsoft's Windows Media DRM for Portable Devices, which provides users access to the growing marketplace of legitimate subscription and pay-per-download online music stores.

The Wireless USB Syncing Device will be available in December for $399 MSRP.
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Thanks for posting this Wayne.

This will make a few of my clients happy. I do wish it was a little cheaper but it's in line with the other wireless USB extenders out there and as they say it's "tuned" for the NuVo.