Nuvo Zones vs. Slave Zones


I got some excellent suggestions in the last question I posted so I decided to post another one :)

I am a bit confused on the different audio zones in the house. By the way, pre-wiring happens next week.

Here is the list of rooms in the house that I am thinking of making audio zones:

Bedroom 1, Bedroom 2, Living Room, Balcony off of Living Room, Kitchen + Dining, Master Bed, Master Bath, Office, Rooftop Deck off of Office

I was thinking of using a mixture of Nuvo Zones and Keypads as well as Regular Volume Controls in 'Slave' zones.

Bedroom 1: Zone 1, KP1

Dining+Kitchen: Zone 2, KP2

Master Bedroom: Zone 3, KP3

Master Bath: Volume Control 1 (Will play what is playing in the MBR, can turn on-off-control volume through the volume control)

Bedroom 2: Zone 4, KP4

Office: Zone 5, KP5 (All the wiring will also be terminated in Office and this is where OmniProII will be. I am hoping that this is where Nuvo and all the other AV equipment (DVR, WDLive, PS3 etc. will sit)

Roof Deck: Volume Control 2 (Will play what is playing in the Office, can turn on-off-control volume through the volume control)

Living Room: Zone 6, KP6 (Will also house a 5.1 sound system with in-ceiling pair acting as rears. I am hoping to put Onkyo in the office though; any particular wiring suggestions to accommodate that?)

Balcony: Volume Control 3 (Will play what is playing in the Living Room, can turn on-off-control volume through the volume control)

Does this look like a decent plan?

I am a bit confused on whether use of volume controls is ok as compared to full scale Nuvo Keypads; not because we might want to listen to different music in the linked zones but because of volume control. For example, what if I am sleeping in the MBR and wife wants to listen to radio in the Master Bath? Or is it possible to turn the keypad volume very low in the bedroom but crank it up in the bath?

In the Living Room, the guy who is doing the pre-wiring was suggesting controlling audio through the touch screen that will be there and not installing a keypad. His idea was to have a dedicated keypad for the balcony. Any suggestions in favor of his plan and against mine? Which one would you consider better.

I would appreciate any help I can get!!!


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What did you end up doing?

If you want independent volume control in MBR VS MBA this will be difficult. The normal volume controls only reduce the volume i in theory i think you would have the keypad to control and then you would need to split the Nuvo output and have 2 Volume knobs.

Maybe it's best to look at the Nuvo GC with the 8 zones and add on the expansion unit with the additional zones and make each zone fully independent.