NX-470 SAW 4-Button Keychain Touchpad

Jeff d

New Member
How does one go about setting one of these up on an NX-8E?

I see no mention of the NX-470 in the Keypad Options section of the DL900 software. For that matter I see no mention of the NX-1448e (The wired ones I plan on using) keypads either.

Do you have to get a wireless expander ($50+) or can you use a wireless bridge like the NX-701 or NX-702 (~$30)? I have no other wireless needs so I'd rather go with the cheaper bridge if possible. Do I need one zone for each NX-470 or can 2 remotes be stup on one wireless zone?

A guy on another forum recommended this:

It looks like a simpler solution and can be purchased for around $70 with 2 remotes. It seems to use keypad emulation and doesn’t take up any zones on your panel.

It doesn’t appear to be able to interact with the X10 functionality of the Caddx panels but it does have a relay output that could activate a powerflash module (~$25). All I really want to be able to do is hit the light button on the remote and have a couple of lights turn on so I really don't even need the Caddx X10 expansion module.