NX-481 PIR Tamper Springs


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Does anyone know where I can buy replacement tamper springs? I have a bunch that are missing the springs (thats why I got them cheap I guess).
Digger said:
Feeling desperate since I searched online and found nothing so far.
I searched for you too and came up empty. It is a GE product correct? If so how about a call to GE Security tech support.
GE Security Tech support only wanted to talk to an authorized dealer. So I explained to him I am in the industry (technically a competitor) and he definitely did not want to talk to me.

I have to find an authorized GE dealer.

I appreciate you trying!!!!!!
Do you just need a spring -- or is there an "assembly" involved?

If it's just a spring, then the ever popular McMaster-Carr could come to the rescue http://www.mcmaster.com/

I'm looking at a GE wireless PIR sitting on my desk. If it's the same as the 481, a short spring fits over a black nub on the back of the sensor. Looks like darn near anything would work. I'd try a 1/8" diameter, about 3/8" length spring. You could clip or stretch the length and/or crimp or stretch it to fit over the "nub" if it's not exactly right.


In the past we have used a spring out of and ink pen to take care of something like this. Hope it will work for you.