NX 590E Aux. Comm Failure


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I have been trying to do as much research as possible regarding my installation to find answers to my questions. Unfurtunately, I haven't solved my problem with the information that I have found. It seems that this is a common problem with this Internet Interface, and my installer doesn't have the knowledge to help.

Here is my situation:

I have installed a GE NX-8V2 in my home with a NX590E Internet Interface to communicate with my Central Station's Osborne Hoffman Receiver. After a lot of trouble in the beginning, it looks like I have finally established communication with them. I am able to send events to the Central Stations IP address without any Aux. Com Failures.

The failures occur when I try to set this unit up to send emails along with the events to my Central Station. I will try to list the data that I have in Address 79 that correspond to email. Hopefuly some of you guys who are a lot smarter than I am can tell me what I am doing wrong.

I did get this EMAIL data from my Internet provider.
  • Loc 3 Programming Partitions reporting to EMAIL#1
  • Seg 1. (12345678)
  • Seg 2. (12345678)
  • Loc 4 Programming Partitions reporting to EMAIL#2
  • Seg 1. (12345678)
  • Seg 2. (12345678)
  • Loc 13 Return EMAIL NAME For This Module
  • [email protected]
  • Loc 14
  • m
  • Loc 29 EMAIL #1
  • XX@SomeAddress.
  • Loc 30
  • com
  • Loc 33 EMAIL #2
  • XX@SomeAddress.
  • Loc 34
  • com
  • Loc 37 Name For Email Server
  • smtp-server.xxxx
  • Loc 38
  • xxxxx.xx.com
  • Loc 51 IP Address Mail Server
  • IP Address from Time Warner
  • Loc 57 EMAIL Port
  • 0025
Any direction that you might be able to provide would be greatly appreciated!!.
I also posted this file in this thread. I didn't read it in detail but it seemed like it could help. Let us know if it is of any value..


  • settingup_email_nx590e.txt
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I also posted this file in this thread. I didn't read it in detail but it seemed like it could help. Let us know if it is of any value..

My mail server uses three periods in the address (smtp-server.rochester.rr.com). I think I read somewhere that this could be causing my problem. Has anyone ever heard of something like that.
Let me see if I can remember this... From way back...

The 590 runs a form of Linux (ucLinux was on the first one, not sure about your version). You can probably telnet to it to see. There may be issues such as the DNS name returned against the smtp server IP address (see what the reverse lookup on the mail server IP address and use that in the mail server name), extra spaces at the end of any of the names (fill any unused bytes with the null byte code - I forget what the 590 considers null...), line endings matter on some mail servers (especially Exchange) and I believe at one point we had a register to specify the type of line ending (CR/LF, etc).

The NX buss modules send messages that can block others if they are not answered by a listening module on the buss or otherwise canceled. If some error occurs and is not cleared, this can block other messages and cause failure of communications in some cases.

I don't think an extra dot messes anything up, but I don't know the latest firmware issues. Make sure you are using the latest firmware for your product hardware version.

Sorry I can't be more help. Last time I touched the 590 was over 4 years ago.