Occupancy logic


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Does any of the systems out there even attempt to track occupancy/movement?

I have seen some thesis work on algorithms to calculate who is in a room with 2-3 people in a house, but it was more like assignment work than posted results of the challenge =( So no help there...

For Example, I used my X10 code to take the house out of away mode, then the lower livingroom picks up motion. It assumes it is me, marks me as being in the lower living room. Now Paula comes home, goes upstairs and uses her computer, so the HA system knows where she is at too. But now there is new motion somewhere else, is it caused by me or Paula???

Obviously the more sensors the easier, but the system must attempt to figure it out, even when there are too few sensors... Does HS have any plugin's for this? DooMotion does not do it, eh?