Ocelot and Outlets


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Is there any way for the Ocelot to control electrical outlets? I know I could use X-10, but what I am planning to do with it would clog up my power lines with signals. I know about the high voltage module for the Ocelot, but would that be capable of turning on and off power?
Among the expansion modules for the Ocelot is a "high voltage relay module" that can handle up to 10 amps at 120 volts (or 5 amps at 240 volts). This is the RLY8XA. Using it with regular in-wall outlets could be a code compliance headache however, because there are no standard 10 amps breakers. It could probably be done using secondary, in-line breakers of some kind but the best bet would be to use seperate (ie: not built-in) outlets for this purpose, a bit like what is done with power strips that have their own breakers.
I would look seriously at solid state relays, depending on the load you want to switch and other safety factors. The SSR's come in many ratings and can be switched with as little as 3.5VDC or AC in some cases. I use a computer parallel port to switch 10 SSR's for temporary lighting control (holiday lights and stuff). It could just as easily be the Ocelot doing the switching.