Ocelot and Sec16

Hello Everyone,

I am about to start the installation and programming of the Ocelot and Sec16 I have purchased along with our Elk M1 Gold.

The first major question I have in what is going to be a long list before it is all said and done is the following:

=> I have (3) 300 disk DVD changers. I want to be able to select a movie from a touch screen (Dell), using probably MainLobby and port that information to the Ocelot which will then turn of the tv, select the input required, turn on the tuner, turn of the appropriate DVD charger, select the movie and play it. {That is a mouth full)....

Is there anywhere on here or the Moon that will give me somewhat of a process that I need to following to make this happen.

If there is any more information needed, and I sure there is, please don't hesitate to ask, this is by far the hardest part of the automation setup in my home and I really don't know where to start.


I did see something about this on the far side of the moon somewhere...

It sounds like you'll be using the Ocelot mostly as a host controlled peripheral to send IR codes. I can't help you with the MainLobby part but I can give you a few pointers about the Ocelot. Is the expansion module actually a SECU16IR? This is what you'll need if you want to control three DVD changers that use the same IR codes. Your first task will be to learn the IR codes that control the changer and test them using C-Max. Once you're able to send IR codes from the C-Max utilities, then you'll need to establish the sequence of commands that you'll want to send to select and play a DVD. This includes any needed delays between some of the commands. It is this (or these) macros that you will then want to trigger with MainLobby. I don't know how well MainLobby supports sequences of commands with delays so you might be able to do it all within that program, or some of it might be using C-Max in the Ocelot too.

Someone who knows MainLobby might be able to give you a few hints about this.

Thank you very much for the reply. The expansion module is a SECU16IR. You would not happen to have some C-Max code that does something similar so I might see what the blazes I am trying to accomplish here do you?

Thanks again for the reply, it has given me a place to start.

Here is what a sample macro could look like to send a series of IR commands, triggered by an X10 command. In this example, I want to send a power on, wait 3 seconds, then send a "1" to select the first DVD and then a play command.

IF Receive X10 A/1 ON Command pair
THEN Transmit IR, IR #12 //send the power on code in location #12
THEN Timer #1 = 1 //start an interval timer

IF Timer #1 becomes > 4 //a few seconds later
THEN Transmit IR, IR #1 //send the "1" command
THEN Transmit IR, IR #13 //send the play command
THEN Timer #1 = 0 //and stop the timer
Well this where a macro scheme would come in. Using an X10 command was just an example of how an event can trigger a macro in C-Max. What does mainlobby do? Does it give you a way to enter a 3 or 4 digit number that could then be sent to the Ocelot as a variable? If mainlobby can present you with some kind of numeric keypad (like an alarm panel) or a text list of DVD's where each selection generates a number, then if it could update a variable in the Ocelot, this could be used to trigger the macro instead. This is why you need to find out more about how mainlobby can interact with the Ocelot.