Ocelot IR-out vs. SECU16IR output speed


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I recently moved my IR emitters from my SECU16IR to a Xantech amplifed connecting block. The connecting block is connected to the IR out of my Ocelot using a Smarthome IR Linc (essentially an emitter and receiver bound together). This combination works very well - and I did not need the zoned output of the SECU16IR since I have no duplicate equipment.

Anyway, I think I've noticed an increased delay between commands, and I'm wondering if this is normal.

I used to have each of my 10 components connected to its own "zone" on the SECU16, and I often had to have lengthy delays (using HomeSeer, with a comma between each command and additional commas adding - maybe - 0.2 sec delay) Anyway, I had to have 3-4 commas between sequiential commands on the same piece of equipment.

Now that I have everything comming out of the Ocelot directly, my delays seem too long. Now it seems like each comma adds about 0.5 seconds between commands. Is this normal? Is this due to a finite speed in which the Ocelot can send commands via its on-board port, or is there something else going on, like my Xantech hardware buffering the output (which I don't think it's capable of) and letting it out a little at a time?
Guy's given me some good answers over at the ADI board: http://www.appdigsupport.com/cgi-bin/ultim...ic;f=3;t=000668
Looks like moving my IR out from the Ocelot to one of my SECU16IR's outputs may speed things along - but not for the reasons I originally thought. It turns-out that the Ocelot can't send and receive IR simultaneously, but the SECU16IR can send IR while the Ocelot's receiving it (since - in its current config, ( http://www.cocoontech.com/index.php?showtopic=3387 ) my Ocelot sees everything it sends).

Hopefully this will do the trick!
Guess that's another reason not to use the Ocelot input unless you have a seperate SECU16IR expansion module. Thanks for the update!
Moving the IR Output from the Ocelot's IR Out to one of the SECU16IR's sped things up a tiny bit. Now it's about 3/4 second between commands instead of 1 second, so - over the course of 7-10 commands I usually have the Ocelot issue in a batch, the time savings adds up quite a bit, saving me about 3-seconds per "macro" and is much more pleasant.

It is still slower than the old method, but since I now have 100% rock-solid IR reconfnition reliability from my Ocelot, I'll never go back to the old way <_<