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I am thinking about using my Ocelot to control some IR gear in my home. I decided to use my existing Cat5 runs to carry the signal. In one area, I have 6 items that I would like to control. Would the output from one zone of the Ocelot SECU-16IR be enough to power the 6, or should I get a connecting block, connect the SECU-16IR to the input, and the emitters to the output?
If you already have the SECU16IR, then why not use several of its outputs to control the 6 devices? Just use one emitter per output and then specify the right zone number in your program code that controls each device. The SECU16IR in fact becomes your connecting block (but with addressable outputs).

Another alternative is to buy or build an IR blaster and then forget about using individual emitters. If you want to build your own, here is a project:

I would have each on their own zone, but I only have 1 run of Cat 5 that is available to carry the signal to the devices. Could I use 1 run of Cat 5 to carry to signals (2 Zones)? An IR Blaster is not a option because the equipment is facing a joined Family Room and Kitchen, so the wall opposite the equipment is pretty far away.
If you have a four pair (8 conductor) Cat 5 cable, then you could use that with 4 zones, each zone on a pair. Because of the desiign of the SECU16IR, there is no common conductor between the zones. You can also get emitters that have two heads instead of one, so by using three of those you could control all 6 devices using 3 zone outputs, with 6 of your 8 conductors.

A blaster will usually work up to 25 feet or more. If you can get a handheld remote to work from where you would be mounting the blaster, then it would be worth a try.
That sounds like the route I'll go. So what I guess I'll have to do is get some Mono plugs to stick into the SECU-16IR and cut+strip them to get to the wire. Then splice the wires from the plug into my Cat5 Wire. And do basically the same thing at the other end except with the dual emitters (possibly blinkers). Does that sound right?

Also, just to confrim, most emitters have only two wires correct? Or do they have 3, but the Ocelot only needs 2?
Your wiring plan looks correct.

All the emitters I've seen only have two wires, and this is what SECU16IR outputs use.
I got my emitters from Martin, they are the flasher type, which makes it easy to troubleshoot and confirm if the commands were sent.