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When I click View New Posts, the key displayed at the bottom of the posts looks funny using Mozilla Firebird (see attached image). It looks ok with IE and Netscape 7. When I go directly to a forum (not View New Posts), it looks ok under Firebird.


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I have noticed the same thing using Firefox, but since no one else complained, I figured it was the older copy of Firefox I was running. I will have to check it out.
It does it with Mozilla 1.6, too. I haven't upgraded to any version of Firefox yet (I really need to get around to it).
This is a little off topic here but what are the advantages of using FireFox or Mozilla over the SP2 version of Internet Explorer? Am I missing out on something cool by not trying these programs out? :eek:
Tabbed browsing! At least that's my favorite feature.

Mainly, they are more secure (they don't have all IE's ties into the OS).

I think you should take a look at Firefox.
Another confirmation of the mangling. I've noticed it since I started using Firefox 0.9.3 but I don't use 'em so I didn't say nothin'.

Also another vote in the hat of tabbed browsing. It took a little getting used to, but now I love it! All your opened pages in a single program, no alt+tabbing to find the web page you want, awesome.

I can't complain about MS too much as I use a lot of their software and happily, but who's taking bets on that being the next feature they "create" for IE?
Somebody has written a tagged-browser plugin for IE but I've never used it. I'm surprised that MS hasn't included it yet.

In Mozilla/Firebird/Firefox, you can set it up so that a middle (wheel) click on a link will open a new tabbed page. Then, middle clicking on that tab will close it. It's a much faster way to manage multiple pages/windows. It drives me nuts when I need to use IE and can't do this.
I just installed the latest version of Firefox, and no longer see this issue, am I the only one?

PS: if you install the latest version, be aware that most of your extensions will no longer work.