Ohio to track prisoners with RFID

Sounds like a big waste of tax payers dollars to me. RFID should be kept in supermarkets and Home Automation. Why waste the ohio peoples tax dollars on something thats not needed. We have been maintiaing prisions for many many years and doing so just fine. I dont think the technology will make enough of a difference to be worth what they are paying for it. Plus what if all the prisioners decide to break the watches all at the same time because they don tlike wearing them.

Huge waste of money.
regarding to the store example, prices should be stored in a database, and the RFID should be used as a identifier, not contain any valuable information. Combined with the weight of the product, it should be easy to stop fraud I would think (I didn't read the article yet)
I just wish we could get a simple affordable RFID kit for HA. The bluetooth adapter is as close to an ID system that I've seen. I just do not use a bluetooth adapter on my phone or PPC.