Old HA Literature


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Anybody looking for copies of old Home Automation brochures or price lists? I have Info on Heath's Samantha system, the CyberLYNX Smarthome system, TomorrowHouse by Compu-Home International, Dynasty software from Home Automation Laboratories, and MAX by archinetics.
Actually, I'm interested in the Dynasty stuff from Home Automation Laboratories. Any literature and software diskettes are welcome. This is because this package was the initial reason why ADI made the Micro Redac, and I'd like to do a write up on the history of ADI and home automation someday. Just set it aside to be sent with that X10 thermostat... If no one else wants any of the other literature, then I would also be interested in it.

Actually this is a good time to bring up the subject: I'm a sucker for "vintage" stuff and information, and I'd like to suggest that Cocoontech start a forum section regarding the history of home automation. This field is recent enough that I'm sure several of us have been in it since its early beginnings. It would be fun to read about personal experiences with early home automation products. Especially interesting is seeing old literature, screen shots and hardware pictures. Seeing the prices paid for them can also make it fun to read (and a reminder of how good we have it now!).

There are plenty of sites dedicated to early computers...why not early home automation?