older Elk hardware


Just a quick question.
We are about to build a new house. Our current house has Elk M1 and a number of modules which i purchased in 2009-2010 but did not end up putting to use.
Items such as the following: ELK-P412 power supply/battery charger, ELK-PD9HC power supply, ELK-M1RB relay board, ELK-M1XSP serial port expander, ELK-M1EXP ethernet interface.
Is it worth taking these items to a new house or has their new hardware changed in the past 9-10 years and newer is better?


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The only thing I'm aware of that why have changed in the last 10 years is the introduction of the Elk Two-Way wireless gear, the C1M1 communicator, and one or two input expanders have been deprecated. Not a whole lot has changed on the platform in quite some time, so I'd advise to use what you have.

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As far as I know, there are no functional differences between the older boards and newer ones.   I would keep what you have.  With firmware updates, your old panel should be as good as a new one.