Omni Pro II Extended Range Temperature sensor wrong temp


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i just changed out an older temperature  sensor with a new 31A00-7 Extended Range Temperature sensor.   it should be about 76 outside or so but the sensor says 106.  This is a three wire  connection as was the previous one. Ant thoughts on why it would not register the right temperature.  In PC access the  Status/ Control says 0 but so did the previous sensor and it says secure. 
Did you set the zone up as an ER temperature device in PC access?
Did you connect the ER temp sensor to an expansion enclosure?   It only works with the main board or an expander module.  Not an expansion enclosure.
In Status/Control under the "Temperature Sensors" section in PC access, you should see the name of the sensor, current temp.   Low and High will be zero unless you set an alarm setpoint in PC access.
Under Temperature sensors in PC access 
Action type is Temperature High and low points are 0
its connected to the main board not an extension
Under Status control it is #88 Temperature sensors
Don't know what else to do.    
My outdoor sensor here is mounted on red brick and always shows greater than ambient temperature.  (currently its been in the 90's and it shows 100's).
I mounted a 1-Wire cabled sensor to the inside of the old copper plastic box and it is showing a closer to ambient temperature there.  I also mounted another 1-Wire cabled temperature sensor just outside of the basement window well.  It is also showing a better temperature there.
HAI Outside Temp 85 °F
Espurna_1WIREA_temperature 79.70 °F

79.70 °F