Omni Pro II programming help


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I have my garage set to arm away when it is "ready to arm" for a period of time.   Then when I return, I use a wireless device to trigger the omni to program disarm, and then open my garage.   This has worked flawlessly and automatically keeps my garage armed at all times when I am not home.
Until recently, when I discovered a problem.    When the omni program arms away, it goes through the exit delay where the keypad beeps for a minute until it is armed.   During this period, when the omni gets a command to "program disarm" it ignores the command.  I first recognized this when I got a call from my alarm monitoring company that my alarm was tripped.   Then I watched and actually caught it doing this.   During the exit delay, I can disarm using the keypad, but cannot get it to program disarm.  I rarely try to enter during the exit delay, but when I do, I get a false alarm because the omni will not accept the program disarm.
Has anybody else seen this problem?    Is it just a bug in the firmware?  If yes, is there a workaround in the programming?