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Omni Pro II Went Haywire?


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I have a Omni ProII installed when I built in 2005. Never had any issues until the last 2 weeks. Keypads in the middle of the night randomly started chirping no controller data. Checked battery and it was no good so I replaced it. Voltage is good on battery but if I unplug the wall plug it still doesn't stay up running.
  Also the network lights sometimes stay on solid sometimes flash rapidly and sometimes don't come on at all.  I shut it all down for a couple days then try it again and it may run for a couple days then start acting up again. I have one mounted expansion board and in pc access it shows comm stat as bad and battery as 0.  Do I need to just send it in? 
  Another strange thing is I have disconnected everything on the Omni ProII and only connected 1 keypad and battery, did the console test and sometimes it works and sometimes it don't.  Did the same thing to the Omni IIe with the same console and it seems to work on the console all the time. Does it sound like a flaky comm board?
  Second question is I have a Omni IIe board, would I be able to install this one in the meantime while my other one is being repaired?  I'm in Canada so its a real pain to send away.


I'm interested in what you found out... did you finally solve this issue.  Mu OmniPro2 is suddenly acting up after 3+ years of perfect operation... similar issue here.
Pls let me know...  THANK YOU!


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It always helps to know what firmware you are running to see if its related to that.


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I have an Omni IIe.  One of the keypads started beeping randomly and devices were turning on and off randomly similar to what you're describing.  I had recently plugged the ethernet connection of the Omni IIe control panel into a different ethernet switch.  After I changed the ethernet connection back to my internet router, the random beeping and device control commands stopped happening.  I don't know why it would make a difference what ethernet device the board is connected to, but if your Omni is connected to via ethernet, try disconnecting it or connecting it through a different device.