Omni vs. ELK feature list


I've reached a point where I really need to add security to my place. I've pretty much settled on the ELK but before I make the final decision, I wanted to give HAI one more shot. If I do decide to go with ELK what killer Omni feature am I going to be missing out on. I have searched, but didn't find anything that compared them head to head

For reference, I have a 2300 SF single story house and a 2300 SF garage/shop storage building that is two stories. I'm also a CQC user.

All opinions are appreciated,

Either work nicely CQC so thats not an issue. AFAIK, the only real 1 up features HAI has are the integrated Video with a built in hardware card that can handle faster frame rates. Elk's support is limited right now to the processor on the TS07, but that can be enhanced. Also HAI has available integrated music but Elk will be able to interface with Russound and others soon. Upstate Mike brings up that the HAI touchscreen, while smaller, does surface mount.

From my perspective, unless you are getting it with tight A/V integration in mind right away, Elk is still a better deal.

But, I would call Jim at AO - he is expert at both of them and can answer any comparison question you may have